12 Giugno 2024


code: 7 101 SC1 - Cutting die machinery
The SC1 power-assisted pendulum bending machine represents a step forward in the normal STERN bending machines with adjustable tools (7.101.000). The machine is equipped with a high tech system developed by STERN technicians which means the operator has to exert less force on the pendulum. Nevertheless, the machine retains all the features of speed and sensitiviy of normal mechanical bending machine. The system does not have to be used, or the operator can activate and regulate it at any time from a minimum to a maximum value according to his own requirements or the type of steel. It is possible to bend sheets of steel of a remarkably greater height and thickness than those normally used without requiring an increase in the force that needs to be exerted and therefore preventing the operator to becaming too tired. The operator can indeed choose if he wants to be helped by the machine even when bending light steels, exspecially when using small female tools. Is in all our bending machine, the work surfaces are made entirely of stainless steels so that there are no places where things could get caught and to keep a place to work that remains clean, bright and oxid-free over time.


- Lubrication is semi-automatic and the oil is taken directly to the slides by the dosage nozzless.

- Small 530x395 mm and large 940x650 mm work surfaces are available.

- The adjustable tools are available in various sizes with heights from 19 to 50 mm. Special tools can be built on request.

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