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EUROMEI is founded on experience gained in over 40 years of die production.

For more than 15 years, this experience has been adopted in the design and manufacture of a full series of machines for die manufacturers under the STERN trademark.

Today the STERN trademark is known throughout the world, with over 3000 machines installed, and is synonymous with reliability and innovation.

Over the years many innovative machines have been produced, which in some cases have changed the manufacturing process of dies, simplifying and automating the various stages of the process yet continuing to safeguard the operator in relation to the elimination of risk, ergonomie quality and ease of use (CE Marking).

At the San Marcello Pistoiese plant, the following stages are developed: design, planning, development, production, testing.

The design of new machines combines the experience of die manufacturers and expert designers also from other autornation sectors.

The design proeess involves specialist technicians and modem CAD workstations.

During this stage, particular attention is paid to the production of models to allow verification of correspondence to ergonomic, practical, ease of use and maintenance criteria.

The prototypes developed are tested at the plant, in our die production factory or, where necessary, on customer premises.

Production makes use of modem machine tools, both traditional and numerie control types.

Special attention is paid to constant quality control of the materials, production processes, heat treatments and respect for a high qualitative standard.

Testing is performed over a trial period, during which each individuai machine must offer a positive result in all elements required by codified produetion and reliability standards.

Internal control of the entire production cycle allows the supply of assistance and spare parts and tools also for machines not produced by our company.

Particular attention is also paid to afier-sales, via an extensive service network and warehouses able to guarantee immediate shipping of spare parts, tools or elements subject to wear and tear.

Daily shipments are organized by our premises in Castelfranco di Sotto, Pisa province, for destinations in both ltaly and abroad.

A number of countries are served directly by authorized distributors or by our own local premises.

Stern Polska, based in Poland, offers assistance and the supply of both machines and materials related to the footwear industry, as well as being a valid point of reference for all East European markets.

The EUROMEI is proposed on the market as 100% supplier for all that concerns the production of: dies, rnachines, spare parts, materials, accessories.

As well as a full Consultancy and Know-how service.


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