31 Luglio 2021


code: 7 101 MS1 - Cutting die machinery
The MS1 series bending machines represent a step forward in the normal STERN bending machines with the addition of an electronically controlled device for motorised movement of the front slide. The slide can be moved either constantly or step by step. Furthermore, it is possible to adjust the forward speed and the size of the pitch from a minimum to a maximum at any time. The two wings under the machine top can be worked by the operator by moving his legs and, therefore, without taking his hands off the hollow punch. He must touch the right or left wing to make the slide move either forwards or backwards in the programmed way. The operator can set the work mode using the commands on the front part of the support bench. The wings can be adjusted from left to right and vice-versa to find the best position for each operator´s working method. The features and technical data are the same as those specified on each bending machine data table.

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