24 Maggio 2024

ART 7.152.000 - 7.101.000 Bending

code: 7 152 000 - 7 101 000 - Cutting die machinery
Bending machine with pendulum control for cold working of steel for dies of various types and dimensions. Built in several models, its peculiarity are the square section slides that give more sturdiness, support for block eccentric, movement on bearings, gibs. lnterchangeable for an easy replacement in case of wear and entirely stainless steel working surface easily replaceable in order not to have entangling points and to preserve in time a clean, bright and free from oxide working point. The greasing either manual and semiautomatic carries the oil directory on the slides. The basic model has fix tools (stem with diam. 25 mm.), upper and lower gibs, semiautomatic lubrication by hand operated pump and measuring nozzles. Tools of various dimensions with height from 19 to 50 mm are also available. Moreover, there is a sheet supporting table with cabinets obtained from the closed sides with shelves for tools and accessories.

Dimensions of small shel­ves mm 530 x 395.

Dimensions of large shelves mm 940 x 650.

Weight of the machine with small shelves KG 50.

Weignt of the machine with large shelves KG 80.

Dimensions of supporting table L=1 000 P=600 H=950.

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