12 Giugno 2024

Multifunction machine for bonding, the stamping footstraps

code: 50.300.000 IS-01 - Insole machinery
With this machine you get bonding in automatic Insole for shoes and / or Plates. The facility includes a photocell device for automatic stamping Insole and a drying oven temperature with an adjustable sistemadi heating infrared lamps. The transport footstraps happens on three tapes made from innovative materials, heat resistant, self, economic and easy replacement, a speed regulator allows you to the productivity variable. The macchihna has a charger for footstraps newly designed user-friendly and great capability of pieces that allows the car a long autonomy facilitating the work of the operator. Upon request the machine can be equipped with stamp Soletti jet ink and glue tank with a capacity of about 15 lt. feeding the machine automatically spalmacolla, limiting the maximum need of assistance. It can be connected to the machine assembled mod. AS-01 by creating an automated sequence of work.

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