13 Giugno 2024

Automatic rivet to apply the steel foil with one or two rivets

code: 50.600.000 RT-01 - Insole machinery
The machine allows automatic riveting in the steel foil with one or more rivets. A fully adjustable charger allows you to place the TALLONETTA entering from above, the plates are loaded in protected areas alternately right and left of the car in two warehouses with pins centering recordable, the removal of the lamina occurs in the central area, the rivets are loaded in the area at the top. The operator standing on the front side has easy access to all points of loading, work in compelta Security has always full view of all the moving parts.
The dumping occurs on the left side, the TALLONETTA may have the foil at the top for a bonding or spray the foil down to a gluing roller. The riveting of mechanical enables the use of TALLONETTA cardboard with the thickness of any type and / or hardness with space between the minimum from holes 45 mm to 155 mm maximum.
The rear of the machine is fully accessible overturning protection, place the lid on the front allows easy access to the group drawing and transfer foil, sealing pliers, the device discharges, riveting and transformer of TALLONETTA.
The control panel has essential controls are easy to guess and it is placed in position to be always within reach of the operator. The new design allows construction of the machine is on high productivity on small pieces of high quality.

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