13 Aprile 2024

ART 8.103.000 Hydraulic Broaching

code: 8 103 000 - Cutting die machinery
The hydraulic broaching machine was made to make very close angles on the external side of the steel. Stern, which has a wide experience as dies manufacturer, knows well the problem of making very close angles and has realized this machine which allows to carry out a 3 mm. broaching from an already bent angle. The incision depth is adjusted by the onward travel variation of the contrast through a graduated knob placed near the operator. The hydraulic operated contrast allows a quick return to the back position at the end of the broaching with easy pulling out of the die. On request we can supply a contrast adjustable by the knob without the quick deviation. The cutting speed of the tool can be fine adjusted, inside the machine there is a closed tank for the collection of the cutting fluid and chips. The tool can be rapidly disassembled and is made of special steel on specific design of Stern, it is regrindable and the opening of the angle can be changed on request. Possibility of incision on steel 32x2.5 mm (50x3 mm on request). The contrast can be easily disassembled to be regrinded or replaced and is built in various heights. Pedal control with automatic timed stopping.

Engine power 1 .5 KKW (2HP).

Standard voltage 380V, 3V, 50HZ.

Dimensions in mm. L=450, P=520, H=1150.

Approximate weight KG 100.

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